SSK 9101 Stab Pivot Fittings

Learjet 35 vertical to horizontal stabilizer modification. Installation of SSK 9101 – Stab Hinge Fitting & replacement.

Shear Web Repair

Learjet SB 35/36-51-4 & Learjet SB 31-51-4
As can be seen in the pictures posted here, this repair is very time consuming and exacting. The margins for error are small and the degree of difficulty high. Spectra Jet purchased over $3500.00 in specialty tools just to complete these repairs.

Upper Cabin Door

This aircraft’s upper cabin door opened in flight. After reviewing the case, it was determined the most likely cause was a failed door warning light bulb along with the copilot not latching the upper door, this almost caused the loss of the aircraft.

Spectra Jet was contacted to remove the upper door, after that, it was sent to the manufacturer for repair on the original jig. A 300/600 hr inspection was added when the door repair took longer than expected. Several weeks later, the door was adjusted to fit, painted and installed, good as new.

Winglet Repair

LA minor mishap…This Lear 31 had another aircraft blown into it’s right winglet during a storm. Spectra Jet was called to repair the damage. It was determined that the winglet would have to be changed.

The aircraft was ferried to Springfield, Ohio and there the mechanics at Spectra Jet removed the damaged winglet and installed a factory replacement. A new coat of paint and the aircraft was ready to go


Tailfin Repair

This old Learjet 24 (SN 24-103) had a terrible repair performed on its lower tail fin sometime in the past. After inspecting the tail, removal of paint and fiberglass matting, we determined that the tail fin assembly had to be replaced. Another old Lear 24 which was being parted out was generous to donate its lower tail fin to the cause. After removal of the old fin, corrosion was found on the lower fuselage and was repaired with a flush patch.

Nose Wheel Repair

What does experience get you?

This aircraft made an emergency landing at Springfield Beckley Airport. Spectra Jet was called out to work the aircraft by the customer. After removing the aircraft from the runway, it was placed on jacks in the hangar. We found the nose with NO air in the strut, also, the strut had been improperly serviced with too much hydraulic fluid (note the jar of fluid by the jack).

The strut looked “normal” to the pilots during their walk-around because of this extra fluid in the strut. Once they took off and retracted the gear, the lack of nitrogen did not center the nose wheel prior to retraction and the wheel lodged sideways in the wheel- well. When they landed the nose wheel turned ninety degrees to center, causing blowout and ruining the nose wheel assy. Experience gets you an aircraft that is ready to fly safely. The lack of experience that this aircraft received caused its owners several thousand dollars along with the loss of their aircraft for several days.

LR 45 Winglet Replacement

We never got the whole story, but this Learjet 45 had an accident with a King Air when the right winglet of the Lear contacted the left wing of the KA200. The aircraft was ferried to SGH for repairs.

Learjet 60 Delta Fin Replacement

The right delta fin on a Learjet 60 was damaged in a towing incident. The aft corner just lightly touched “something” and put a crease in the upper and lower surfaces of the fin. The aircraft was ferried to SGH for repairs.

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