Spectra Jet has worked hard to establish a quality maintenance station that specializes in Learjet and Challenger inspections, modifications, and repairs. We perform extensive maintenance that includes: airframe inspections, system troubleshooting, time change items, engine changes, and modifications. We are proficient and dedicated to each and every task we set out to accomplish.

Here at Spectra Jet, we are proud of our past accomplishments and our total commitment to your flying safety. The quality of our work can be traced back over thirty years through tens of thousands of flight hours without incident. Our highly experienced technicians reflect pride, attention to standard, and show their utmost devotion to the aviation community. All our mechanics have extensive experience and/or have been trained in Learjet and Challenger maintenance. Since our opening in 1998, we have expanded to all Learjet’s and Challenger 300 & 600 series airframes.

Here at Spectra Jet, we are proud to let our work speak for itself. We welcome you to compare our service, maintenance quality, price, and of course, the value of our word.

Meet The Team

John Yegerlehner - Owner / President / Chief Inspector

John Yegerlehner

Owner / President / Chief Inspector


John has over 32 years of extensive experience with Learjet & Challenger aircraft. He started as a mechanic with Gates Learjet (Glasco) and worked his way up to Lead Field Service Representative where he supervised four other field service reps. His travels include the entire United States, Canada, the Middle East, and Cuba. In 1994-1995, he headed the Warranty Department for Learjets and Challengers at BAS/Learjet in Tucson, AZ.

His customer service experience derives from his involvement in his family’s clock repair business and his positions within the Learjet Corporation. He graduated from A&P school at Montgomery County Joint Vocational School in 1987 at the age of 17. John then worked at the Dayton International Airport fueling and cleaning until achieving his license at the age of 18. In 1988 he attended Learjet 35 familiarization school in Wichita, KS, Garrett TFE 731 Line Maintenance, J.E.T. Service School, Collins Avionics Line Maintenance, Sperry radar school, and Universal Navigation School. In August of 2000, John attended Flight Safety Maintenance School for the Learjet 31/31a. In December of 2015, he attended Lear 75 school. Like all the members of Spectra Jet, he is highly motivated to support aircraft with safety in mind at all times.

As of 2008, John moved from being Logistics Manager to the Chief Inspector for the repair station. In 2018, he transitioned from Vice President to President of Spectra Jet following the retirement of Mike Catherwood. He is also Co-Owner of S Jet, LLC with Mike and Jim.

Mike Catherwood - Owner / Retired

Mike Catherwood

Owner / Retired

In December of 2017, after almost 40 years in aircraft maintenance, Mike retired. He is still an active Co-Owner of Spectra Jet and S Jet.

Jim Major - Co-Owner / Vice President / Logistics Manager

Jim Major

Co-Owner / Vice President / Logistics Manager


Jim worked for Spectra Jet part-time for 5 years before coming on full-time in June of 2005. He is a Co-Owner of S Jet, LLC with John and Mike. He came from a large fluid system components manufacturer in northern Ohio. He has a degree in manufacturing engineering and a Bachelor’s in Business Management. He has his A&P and is also RII Qualified for the repair station.

Shelley Epperhart - Controller

Shelley Epperhart



Shelley joined our team in September of 2007. Shelley came to us from a large accounting firm in the Dayton/Springfield area where she worked for about 4 years as an outsource accounting specialist handling 15-20 clients at one time. She is responsible for all the financial reporting and managing the office.

Don Elliott Jr - Maintenance Manager

Don Elliott Jr

Maintenance Manager


Don has over 33 years of experience with Learjets and the Falcon 20, 50, and 2000. He started at Spectra Jet part-time in January 2004. Before he joined us full-time in February 2009, he served 10 years as the Director of Maintenance for Miami Valley Aviation.

Jon “Sparky” McIlhargie - Avionics Manager

Jon “Sparky” McIlhargie

Avionics Manager


Sparky joined the Spectra Jet team in April 2015 as Avionics System Integrator. In March 2018, he was promoted to Avionics Manager, where he leads our avionics department. He has over 17 years of avionics experience from home built to military planes and everything in between.

Marinda Van Hoose - Human Resources Manager

Marinda Van Hoose

Human Resources Manger


Marinda started at Spectra Jet in September of 2011 part-time as an administrative assistant while she was in school. She graduated in December of 2015 with her Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership and joined our team full-time in January of 2016. In June of 2016, she was promoted to Assistant Office Manager, and in December of 2018, she was promoted to Human Resource Manager. She is responsible for payroll, recruitment, and assisting Shelley with benefits.

Brandon Bunger - Production Manager / Lead Mechanic

Brandon Bunger

Production Manager / Lead Mechanic

Brandon’s journey in aviation began while he was serving in the US Marine Corps in the early 90s. He was primarily on F/A-18 A/B/C/D models with experience in F/A-18 E/F models and others while deployed in the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Bosnia/Kosovo, and Afghanistan. After leaving the USMC, he worked in a machine shop during A&P school at MVCTC. He joined Spectra Jet in July of 2014 and attended Learjet 45 familiarization school in Dallas in 2016. He was promoted to Production Manager/Lead Mechanic in May of 2017.

Ben Jones - Logistics Support Specialist

Ben Jones

Logistics Support Specialist


Ben spent 5 years in the US Navy between 2007 and 2012 as an Aviation Ordnanceman. He was deployed twice on the USS Enterprise in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn. He joined our team part-time as a fuel specialist at S Jet in 2014 while pursuing his bachelor’s degree. In April 2016 he was promoted to FBO Manager and began working full-time. In May 2017 he graduated with his Bachelor’s in Biology, and in September of 2017 joined Spectra Jet as a logistics support specialist. He is currently working on his Master’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Elizabeth Jeanneret - Accounting Specialist

Elizabeth Jeanneret

Accounting Specialist


Elizabeth graduated in May 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Finance. She started at Spectra Jet in July 2016 as an administrative assistant. In January 2019, she was promoted to Accounting Specialist. She is responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable, fuel reports, and assisting customers.

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