Tail Fin Repair

This old Learjet 24 (SN 24-103) had a terrible repair performed on its lower tail fin sometime in the past. 

After inspecting the tail, removal of paint and fiberglass matting, we determined that the tail fin assembly had to be replaced. 

Another old Lear 24 which was being parted out was generous to dontate its lower tail fin to the cause.

After removal of the old fin, corrosion was found on the lower fuselage and was repaired with a flush patch.

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This Lower tail fin was a mess!  The lower tail hook had been bent over to one side and then painted.

The lower tail fin forward section was removed first to determine damage extent.

The lower tail fin aft section was then removed after it was determined that corrosion was present.

The old fin removed, the donor fin had to be prepared so it could be used on our aircraft.

The new fin installation.

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