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Shelley Hedrick 
Office Manager

As office manager, Shelley takes care of all the paperwork required along with invoicing, payments and just about everything else.  Going on 8 years with Spectra Jet, Shelley is invaluable member of the team and an integral part of our success. 

Shelley came to us from a large accounting firm in the Dayton/Springfield area where she worked for about 4 years as an Outsource Accounting Specialist handling 15-20 clients at one time.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to call on Shelley.
(8:00 to 5:00, Monday - Friday)

Below, Shelley helps the guys out by installing the aft mount bolt on a Learjet 60 engine change.

Above, Shelley (on left) helps mount a Yaw Servo Capstan on a Learjet 31a, none of the guys could get an arm through the panels, Shelley reached right in and installed the 6 screws.  We finished from there!   

shipping address, e-mail, phone numbers