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Spectra Jet On-the-road Coverage.

(Right:  a pin for every airport we've worked, and most we have worked at many times)

We have worked the entire mid-west and beyond. 
From as far east as Bangor, Maine, to the west in Boise, Idaho.  We've even been to Alaska to assist a customer! 

We routinely travel to over 100 different airports throughout the area.

Give us a call if you have an emergency, or to receive a quote for you next scheduled maintenance.

2008 -  Spectra Jet has added a new van to help cover the increasing amount of road work requested by our customers!

We can even fly to you if necessary, just call us @ 937-830-1957 or e-mail at

JUNE 2009 - Aviation International News article:  OEM's and small firms take maintenance services mobile.