Spectra Jet - On-The-Road.......

We cover Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and have expanded our coverage area each year.  From Boise to Bangor we've been there! 

Additionally, when they need work in our area, several large fleet operators call on Spectra Jet. 

It may be cheaper for us to travel overland, arrive prepared, get the work done, and return instead of you flying to us.  We are prepared to do precisely what it takes to keep you flying.

Breakdown while cross country? 
Give us a call.  We can help. 

Overflying KSGH and need assistance? 
Drop in - we'll be waiting for you.

Either a quick trip requiring only hand tools or an engine change that takes a hoist, stands and speciality equipment, we can handle your on the road needs.

Our custom trailer carries all the necessary tools and equipment for any on-the-road services,click here (trailer) for picture.
Above, we keep several sets of tools ready to depart in a moments notice.  Note that we practice strict tool control in our shop, even when on the road. 

Need us there fast?  We have agreements with several charter companies in addition to use of our Turbo Commander.  This combination allows us to depart at a moments notice using the most economical mode available.  We can be there when you need us to get your aircraft off the ground, now!
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We have to plan for anything...
Above, we never know what we might need when on the road, we have to plan for anything. 

After working all over, we built up this power kit including all the different power plugs we ran into over the past years. 

Now, when we go to a hangar, we can adapt our power cart, hydraulic mule or other equipment without delay.

Jim & Don work on a CL 300 at KHAO.

shipping address, e-mail, phone numbers
Spectra Jet adds a new van to help cover the increasing amount of road work