Learjet 20 Series

300 hr inspection (A1-A6)   $3572.00
600 hr inspection (B1-B6)  $5317.00
1200 hr inspection (C1-C6)   $6232.00
2400 hr inspection (D1-D6)   $4980.00

6000 landing inspection (labor)   $5660.00
6000 landing inspection (NDT)   $4357.00

12 Year inspection                                       
(labor only)(X-rays extra)        $49,500.00

12,000 hr inspection                                       
(labor only)(X-rays extra)         $42,336.00

* Note:  Please call for your aircraft, prices vary due to aircraft model and serial number differences.  

After we are finished, we will provide you a complete list of all the items we found wrong, and are now corrected.

The above prices do NOT include parts or consumables.

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12 Year Inspection Pictures
Check out some pictures of our last 12 Year Inspection.  Contact us today to schedule whatever your aircraft needs.
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