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///:  Posted by John Yegerlehner / Spectra Jet Logistics Manager
Thank you for visiting our site.  We try to provide complete care and service when it comes to Learjet aircraft.  We have dedicated our aviation careers to Learjet's because it is our belief that to do something well you must keep your focus on a smaller core than to just work on anything and everything, experience helps us to serve our customers better.  Also, we choose to work on aircraft because we love what we do, easy for some to say, but we live it everyday.  Why take your Learjet to a place where the mechanic working on your inspection only wants to get his 8 hours in and then leave?  When you come to us you have the owners of the business directly working on your aircraft.  
With a direct stake in your satisfaction, do you think we wouldn't do our best
- Posted by Randy Hamilton / Learjet 31a 12 year inspection Evaluation

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24 September 2009 - Received via Web Site Form Submission - www.spectrajetinc.com/message.html

///:  Posted by:    Dwight Minor

Learjet Question or comment
After multiple problems coming out of a phase inspection at our "old", large shop, we called Spectra Jet after seeing their web site.

Calls answered immediatly and very plesently suprised with the "bring it as soon as you want and we will look at it or we will come to you".

Pulled onto the ramp the next morning and before we could complete the paperwork, we look out
into the hanger and the guy is walking down the steps with the cockpit blower in his hand.  Just getting this blower out would have been an all day event at any other shop. And they had the blower in stock.

While the airplane was sitting there, Don looked at the airplane from the back and said, "something in not right with your tires". Come to find out that at the inspection three weeks ago, we had the incorrect tires installed. On the left wheel we had an 8 inch 10 ply tire next to a 7.5 inch 12 ply tire. How dangerous is that! On the right we had two 12 plys installed and the correct tires should have been 14 ply tires. Not only did he catch this, he also may have saved our lives with that mismatch on the left side. These guys know their stuff.  Great attention to detail and they actually seem to like what they do. Take the time and give them a visit. I cannot say enough good about this place on here. I only wish I would have found them two years ago.

You WILL be impressed.
We have found our new shop.
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DATE:  10/1/2009

Attention: Mr. John Yegerlehner

Dear Mr. Yegerlenher,

   I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your company for the excellent service on our Lear 60.  The twelve year inspection performed on our aircraft was completed as promised. We had no surprises during the inspection and were very pleased by the quality of service we received.

   We have been a very satisfied Spectra Jet customer since our aircraft was purchased. The routine maintenance performed has always been excellent and economical. It has been our experience that Spectra Jet has always understood our maintenance needs and worked hard to keep our aircraft ready to go at a moments notice.

   The constant updates given to us during the 12 year inspection were very appreciated by company management.  This gave them great confidence in the work being performed. The company is very happy with the excellent service and competitive price.

   When the Learjet test pilot performed the required test flight, there were no issues to be addressed. The airplane was returned to service and we have had no problems since.  I know that this is due to the knowledge and professionalism of the Spectra Jet staff.

   Should the need arise; please feel free to have anyone contact me about our experience with your Spectra Jet.

Again, thank you for the great service.

Best Regards,

Tom Lawson
Celeritas Aviation
Aviation Manager