What does experience get you?

This aircraft made an emergency landing at Springfield Beckley Airport.  Spectra Jet was called out to work the aircraft by the customer. 

After removing the aircraft from the runway it was placed on jacks in the hangar.  We found the nose with NO air in the strut, also, the strut had been improperly serviced with too much hydraulic fluid (note the jar of fluid by the jack). 

The strut looked "normal" to the pilots during their walk-around because of this extra fluid in the strut.  Once they took off and retracted the gear, the lack of nitrogen did not center the nose wheel prior to retraction and the wheel lodged sideways in the wheel- well.  When they landed the nose wheel turned ninety degrees to center, causing  blowout and ruining the nose wheel assy.

Experience gets you an aircraft that is ready to fly safely.  The lack of experience that this aircraft received caused its owners several thousand dollars along with the loss of their aircraft for serveral days.

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