Note:   This pricing list is not a complete listing of all our capabilities.  If you need something that is not listed, please contact us, we can give you a direct quote for any work you require.

Learjet 20 Series
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Engine Change CJ610                        $2856.00
(does not include engine overhaul / work)                

 Engine Change CJ610 with TR              $3060.00
(does not include engine overhaul / work)                

TR Inspection 150 hr (both)                   $680.00
TR Inspection 300 hr (both)                 $1360.00

Prepurchase Inspection (Flat)              $7500.00

Weigh Aircraft          $750 + defuel   

Please call us for a direct quote, prices may change due to aircraft model and serial number.

Items requiring more manhours, large dollar items that require repair, or fail inspection requirements will be brought to your notice, and your consent given, before any action is taken.

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