Learjet 45 Windshield Repair

This Learjet 45 was flown direct to Spectra Jet due to a high pitch squeal from the copilots windshield.

After pressurizing on the ground, a leak was found coming from the copilots windshield at the bottom middle area.

After removal of the glareshield and the inner headliner panels, it was found that the windshield inner and outer retainer bolts were not torqued properly.

Per Learjet Engineering, we retorqued the bolts and resealed the windshield.

After a second pressurization check, the aircraft was released with no further problems.

Learjet 45 Windshield Replacement

This aircraft was over SGH when the copilots windshield shattered!

Spectra Jet removed and replaced the copilots windshield and got the aircraft back on course!

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Learjet 45 windshield leaking from the bottom middle section.

Here is a close up of the leaking section

The Glareshield was removed and the bolts retorqued.

Mike Catherwood inspects the windshield retainer and the leaking section.
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