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Learjet 55 Information

Learjet 55
Lear 55 - s/n 1 through 126
Lear 55B - s/n 127 through 134
Lear 55C - s/n 135 through 147

The Learjet 55 and its follow-on successor, the Learjet 60, are the largest aircraft in the Learjet family (Challenger and RJ's are Bombardier products), and date back to development work undertaken in the late 1970s.
In designing the 55, Learjet (or Gates Learjet as the company was then known as) took the wing
of the earlier Longhorn 28/29 series and married it to an all new larger 10 seat fuselage.
The original Model 55 Longhorn prototype first flew on November 15 1979. The first production
aircraft meanwhile flew on August 11 1980, with the first delivered in late April 1981
(after FAA certification was granted in March that year).

Development of the 55 led to a number of sub variants, including the 55B which introduced a
digital flight-deck, modified wings, improved interior, and most importantly, the previous optional
higher takeoff weights (21,500 lbs) becoming standard. The 55C introduced `Delta Fins' which gave a number of performance and handling advantages, the 55C/ER is an extended range version with additional
fuel in the tail cone (the additional tank can be retrofitted to earlier aircraft), while the 55C/LR
introduced more fuel capacity.

Lear 55/ER - Extended range version - additional 350 lbs fuel capacity in the tail-cone baggage area
Lear 55/LR - Long-range version - 55ER plus another 605 lbs fuel capacity in the fuselage (955 lbs total)
Aircraft through 1983 have GTOW of 19,500 lbs
1984 & 1985 models have GTOW of 21,500 lbs