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Larry Metcalf
Senior Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic

Larry has over 31 years of experience working on aircraft and automobiles.  He started in the U.S. Air Force working on T-33 and T-39 aircraft.  He worked his way up to Flight Chief where he planned and directed maintenance on eight T-39's and one T-37 research and development aircraft for the 4950th Test Wing.

He left the Air Force after 21 years and decided to try his hand at auto repair becoming an ASE Certified Mechanic.  He became Assistant Manager for Sears where he was directly involved with customer satisfaction, gaining valuable experience.

After working on cars professionaly for 6 years he wanted to return to working on aircraft.  After landing a job as a Mechanics helper on the C-21 (Learjet 35) he went out and took the FAA writtens, oral and practicals getting his A&P in Oct. 2000.   He was promoted to Senior Aircraft Mechanic for Raytheon Aerospace and then Lead Aircraft Mechanic (shift supervisor).

Larry has been through many different schools, such as AF Aircraft Maintenance School, Aircraft Maintenance School (Large Aircraft), NCO Leadership School, Senior NCO Academy School, along with all his college for ASE certification.

Larry is married and has two daughters. 

In his spare time he is restoring a Chevy 454 Nova.
shipping address, e-mail, phone numbers