Airframe Inspections -

A sophisticated quality control process begins when we first touch your aircraft. Expect a pre-inspection, follow-up inspections along the way, and ample proof afterwards that everything is in order.  We can even sit down with you next to your aircraft and show you what was done to the last detail. 

Click here for our shop rate, however, we charge for inspections on a flat rate basis.  Please contact us for a direct quote

Troubleshooting and Repairs -

No excuses here.  Normally you pay to have a problem fixed just once.  Barring a dose of previously poor workmanship, a troublesome diagnosis is our problem, not yours.  In any case, you only pay for maintenance that is prudent, reasonable and necessary.  However, from time to time a repeating or recurring problem might require an unusual amount of effort.  Some problems can simply drive you insane.  Fear not, we will work closely with you so as to sort out these issues.

Engine Changes -

Whether scheduled or unscheduled, here or On-the-Road, we will accomplish this vital task with precision and speed.  With a new TFE731 in place, you will be back flying in three calendar days from the moment work begins.  
Check out our custom TFE731 test box.

Time Changes -

No one escapes these unavoidable and expensive events that are pre-ordained by the manufacturer.  We can ease the pain by tracking them for our Full Maintenance Sevice Plan customers, and announce their arrival far in advance.  Regardless, we will help you plan a maintenance flow that makes sense and saves time.

Down Time -

How long will your Jet be down?  As little as one day depending on the inspection or fix involved.  Rest assured that we work hard to control our maintenance enviornment so as to mimimize down time.  However, from time-to-time, repairs involve sealant or adhesives that affect the finish date, items such as proper fuel panel sealing.  In these cases, we closely follow approved practices.  But, in every case you get your aircraft back in the absolute minimum time.

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Jim Major / Logistics Manager and
John Yegerlehner / Chief Inspector
install an Aeronca Thrust Reverser
Above, a TronAir Pressurization Test Cart is just one of the many tools required to be a repair station for Learjets. 

Pressurization Problems? 
Come in and we will diagnose your problem using our TronAir Pressurization Cart.
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