Spectra Jet now offers
fuel and FBO services at
Springfield / Beckley Airport. 
Spectra Jet's line people are knowledgable and ready to
take care of your service requests.

Contact FBO S-Jet
for the current fuel price

We do the refueling, defueling and servicing on your aircraft.  Rain or shine. 

So relax knowing that only experienced mechanics and line people touch your aircraft. 

We have high pressure nitrogen for Emergency Air servicing, along with low pressure nitrogen for tires. 

We stock Aviators Breathing Oxygen for servicing.  Keeping  your bottle full, and keeping you safe.

If you need something, just ASK!  We would be happy to help out in any way.

Below, Paul Johnson, Fuel/Line Supervisor

Above, Spectra Jet's custom defuel unit which allows us to remove the fuel, filter it, store it and then return it to the aircraft after maintenance is completed. 

Below, we use safety carts to move bottled gases, this protects the aircraft from accidents.
  This may seem a simple thing, but we have seen aircraft damaged due to the use of cylinder carriers that are not safety carts.
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