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Modification and Repairs

Large mods and repairs can be a deterrent to keeping your aircraft flying, but we can help. 

We have experience performing major modifications and repairs, just contact us for more info.

Before & After

Damage to an aircraft can be costly. Not when you bring your aircraft to Spectra Jet. 

We will repair the damage,
work with your insurance and get your aircraft flying again. 

All for less than you might think.

Check out some of our work through photos or Contact Spectra Jet, we'll prove it to you.
This winglet was damaged by another aircraft in a wind storm...
This tip tank struck the ground during landing...
Tip Tank Repair
Winglet Repair
Upper Cabin Door
Belly Panel !?!?
Tail Fin Repair
TFE731 Mid Span Damage
LR45 Windshield
Shear Web Repair
Nose Wheel Repair
Aeronca TR Repair
LR 45 Winglet Replacement
SSK 9101  Stab Pivot Fittings
Learjet RVSM
Challenger Fuel Qty Repair
Challenger APU R&R
Cracked Lear 45 forward door support
LR 45 Force Sensor Wiring Chafed
Learjet 60 delta
fin replacement
Nose Roller Bolt Hole Elongation