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Full Service Maintenance Plan

    We offer a Full Service Maintenance Plan for customers who need management and flight tracking for their aircraft.

    With this plan, we track all the flight times on the aircraft along with engine cycles, and landings.  We then work with you, letting you know ahead of time when items for inspection, time change, etc., are coming due on your aircraft. 

    Note: This plan requires that you fax flight time, cycles, landings and any other data that might be needed at a predetermined interval.  We then enter this into your aircraft's computer files and return to you a detailed listing of the next 10-20 inspection items coming up. 
  We can then schedule you into Spectra Jet to comply with any or all of the required items at a great price.

Please Contact us to discuss different options or details on this service.

Weight & Balance

We can weigh your Learjet in accordance with the manufacturers standard procedures.  So rest assured that we can handle any inspection, repair or modification.  Our scales calibrated and ready to handle any Learjet. 
Call on Spectra Jet for your weight and balance needs.
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