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Learjet 40/45 and 70/75 
Baggage Compartment Quick Access Kit 

Access to the external baggage compartment (zone 300) is required for inspections and for troubleshooting/repairs to:

Removing all 6 panels (four upper and the two forward) and reinstalling after maintenance could take anywhere from 1-2 hours plus time for screw extraction or even nutplate replacement!

After conversion - removal and installation is accomplished using Quarter-Turn fasteners  ​which takes only minutes to remove and install

Conversion cost is $2750 - 
We're offering a special  - if completed during an inspection this is discounted to $2500 installed (parts and labor).  
Using this pricing structure - after 10 times accessing the area, you've paid for the kit and labor to install.

(below the baggage compartment with all liners removed)
(above) - showing the headliner panels - screws are replaced with quarter-turn quick lock fasteners.

(below) - showing the entire Zone 300 area forward panels, upper panels

APU or Freon Systems ​
Leak detect elements
Air cycle machine,  
Water separator (sock), 
TR isolation valves,
Temperature switches
Aux hydraulic pump,  
Power distribution panel (left aft PDP),

​High and low pressure bleed ducts,  
Anti-ice valves, 
Temp control systems, 
Pressurization system, 
Main and Aux hydraulic filters,
Pressure switches, 
Bleed Air Muffler, 
Servo air components