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AD2013-13-09 dated 6 Aug 2013 - To prevent failure of the braking systems or adverser operation of the spoiler system and thrust reverser system (reference AD2010-11-11)

The FAA has issued an AD that requires that operators install SB60-32-33, 60-57-7 and 60-78-7R2.
Completion of these modifications removed the 96 hour tire pressure mandate from AD2010-11-11.

​Previously - Learjet published AFM TFMC 2012-03 which contains a change to the mandated 96 hour tire pressure check, dependent on aircraft serial number and service bulletin status the mandate may not be applicable.
60-001 thru 60-276 when modified by all of the following SB's
SB60-32-33 - squat switch shielding improvement
SB60-32-57-7 - anti-skid shielding improvement
SB60-78-7 and have TFM inserted by AMOC
Then the 96 hour tire pressure check not mandated per the AMOC letter.


The SB kits for 60-32-33 and 60-57-7  WERE offered to each aircraft FOR FREE from Bombardier Learjet ICT under a special spares warranty. 

At this time - kits will need to be ordered at owners expense from Bombardier Learjet ICT because this special spares warranty period had ended. 

We are estimating about 45-50 hours to install the kits (as we do more we're getting faster). We have had one instance where we had to replace the squat switches due to wire routing and the changes per the SB (just FYI because this took longer).


John Yegerlehner / Chief Inspector
937-325-3893 office
937-830-1957 cell

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