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We offer personalized service for all your maintenance needs.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Upon arrivial for Inspection at Spectra Jet, we start with a custom made Pre-Inspection.  This consists of a 8 page guide designed for Learjet and Challenger aircraft.  On this we note any and all discrepancies.  Also, a complete inventory of all equipment and loose property inside the aircraft is taken.  This gives a baseline status of the aircraft prior to any work being started.

This whole process usually takes a couple of hours or less. After we review any new discrepancies found on the Pre-Inspection, a customer representative must sign the work order and the preliminary inspection form.  This gives Spectra Jet permission to work on the aircraft.

Next, Spectra Jet will begin work on the aircraft.  You can request reports at any time or we will contact you weekly, either way we will give you a status report on your aircraft and inform you on its progress.

Any new discepancies found which are not covered under the inspection process or which will require high dollar parts will be brought to your attention.  

Through your company contact, a course of action will be determined and approval will be through a fax from Spectra Jet containing the work order discrepancy page with an estimate for the work required.  You must sign and return fax the page before work can start, or you can specify that Spectra Jet work items and only notify if the cost exceeds a certain amount.

Throughout the work process, we will keep you updated, and notify you of any changes in the projected delivery date.

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