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Learjet 45 winglet replacement

We never got the whole story, but this Learjet 45 had an accident with a King Air when the right winglet of the Lear contacted the left wing of the KA200.

The aircraft was ferried to SGH for repairs.

The winglet of the Learjet taxied or was towed through the King Air wing

Damage to the winglet was limited to the upper portion and some buckling under the wing

John Yegerlehner poses with the old winglet after removal,  the "wingler" jig was procured through the manufacturer

The LR45 with the winglet removed

Fitting the new leading edge piece and the winglet

Finished jigging the winglet and ready to remove and install nutplates

John Yegerlehner and Larry Metcalf polish the new leading edge and winglet after paint and assembly.