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From:Randy Hamilton


To: Whom It May Concern

Date: Sep 5, 2005
Re: Maintenance Evaluation

I would like to commend Spectra Jet on a job well done.  After much research, and many proposals, May 31, 2005 we took our Learjet 31A to KSGH for the following work:
12 Year Inspection
300 & 600 Hr Airframe Inspections
150, 300 & 2,400 Hr T/R Inspection
Numerous 24 month Inspection items
Numerous other Special Inspections & squawks.


Work commenced on June 1. After x-rays were evaluated, delivery date was projected for July 7. Work was completed between Jun 1 and Jul 7 (5 weeks, which included 4th of July Holiday). All minor discrepancies
found during inspections were corrected without further labor charges (Important! Read again!) Major discrepancies were corrected at an economical rate.  Aircraft was test flown July 7, and taken home.
The test pilot from Bombardier reported the flight to be one of the most discrepancy free flights he has encountered after a 12 year inspection has been performed. The aircraft has operated flawlessly at the date of this posting (2 months later).


The hangar facility won't win any architectural awards ( * ), but don't let that mislead you.  The Spectra Jet crew are Learjet experts. Their experience, knowledge, and tooling overcomes any shortcomings of the facility.
The maintenance event was completed on time and on budget, with exceptional quality.  We will return for our future maintenance needs.  Feel free to call this writer with any questions.

Randy Hamilton, Pilot,
SFM LLC  859-230-9235 (mobile)

Spectra Jet recognized this, we rented from the City of Springfield / Sunbird Air Servics for the first 8 years of operation.  As of September 2007, we have moved into our new hangar facility.