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Spectra Jet, Inc.
Certified Repair Station X1JR161Y

Full service for all Learjet Models and Challenger 300 / 600 series airframes 
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Learjet 40/45 and 70/75 
Baggage Compartment Quick Access Kit 
- saves time 
- saves money 

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When you need help, we'll be there....
When you need help, we'll be there....
Spectra Jet adds 
Limited Radio and Limited Instrument 
Ratings to Repair Station
becomes a Universal Avionics Dealer.
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RVSM Recertification / MODS / INSTALLS - Call today!
Pictures, articles, news, more....
Spectra Jet purchased extra equipment from the C-21 program - we have several CMS pin kits for sale along with other equipment 


​Innovative Aerospace Solutions, LLC presents the 
PowerBlock Talon - the next step in aircraft security

The PowerBlock Talon allows the aircraft owner to secure the aircraft preventing power being applied.  Many operators disconnect their batteries and then lock the access door - but what if a person of ill intent has already defeated the locks and has access?

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​Spectra Jet is a dealer for the IAS PowerBlock Talon