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Spectra Jet, Inc.
Certified Repair Station X1JR161Y

Full service for all Learjet Models and Challenger 300 / 600 series airframes 
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Learjet 40/45 and 70/75 
Baggage Compartment Quick Access Kit 
- saves time 
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When you need help, we'll be there....
When you need help, we'll be there....
Pictures, articles, news, more....
Spectra Jet adds Maintenance Implementation Procedures (MIP) for work on Canadian Aircraft
Airworthiness Directive 2018-19-04 - Contact Us today for your flap modifications
1. Planning Information - Schedule early - part supplies have become an issue since the AD was released
A. Effectivity (1) Learjet 20, 30, 50 & 60 Series
B. Reason  (1) The purpose of the new service bulletins is to replace the nose roller fitting, nose roller support bracket and adjacent rib that were not replaced by previous service bulletins (now cancelled) with Improved components.  If you have new roller fittings And ribs then you're good

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APRIL-2018 - Spectra Jet has promoted Jon ('Sparky') McIlhargie 
to Avionics Manager - contact Jon (

19-APR-18 -Spectra Jet is issued an L-3 dealership - contact
Jon ('Sparky') McIlhargie for your Avionics needs
Employment application
27-Nov-1998 to 27-Nov-2018 - 
Spectra Jet celebrates its 20th anniversary since first job in 1998 with over 5700 work orders to date!

7-DEC-2018 - Mike Catherwood has officially retired as John Yegerlehner takes over as President of Spectra Jet, Inc. and James (Jim) Major promoted to Vice-President.  
Both retain their positions in the Repair Station