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Spectra Jet, Inc.
Certified Repair Station X1JR161Y

Full service for all Learjet Models and Challenger 300 / 600 series airframes 
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Aeronca TR Repair - Summer 2014

- 12 YEAR
- 12,000 HOUR

NEW: Call - 877-91JETMX
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Spectra Jet, Inc. (CRS# X1JR161Y) located in Springfield, Ohio (KSGH), has shown a new light on Learjet/Challenger maintenance for the past 15 years. Right now, a new level of Learjet hardware is coming out of the factory. 

 The Learjet 70/75’s are here and Spectra Jet is ready. 

On February 12th, Spectra Jet was issued new Operations Specifications that cover every Learjet ever made, including the Learjet 70/75. (I.e. the Learjet 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 Series inclusive). Our trained technicians, support equipment and facility are poised to support both new and classic aircraft.

Those who know us have seen the light – let us be your go to place for Learjet aircraft – new and old. 

Contact John Yegerlehner or any of the Spectra Jet team in Springfield at 937-325-3893 or direct e-mail: for customer service, scheduling of aircraft for maintenance and AOG services (24/7 support).

NEW: Call - 877-91JETMX
Halloween 2014!

Scarier still,the office girls dress up for Halloween.

From left to right,
Shelley Hedrick, office manager
Brittany Jones, office administrative assistant
Deborah A. Bailey, parts department
Marinda Van Hoose,
office administrative assistant
Halloween 2014!

Scary stuff - Trevyn French removes the fuselage bladders from a Lear 35, they'll be sent for repair and reinstalled